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Mischa teaches piano and keyboards at the music school in Cham (ZG).

For lessons, please contact the school directly.

As part of his teaching activities, Mischa writes various arrangements, lead sheets and teaching materials. Selected examples can be found below. Send a message if you need an individual arrangement. 

Possible lesson content

first steps: basics (reading notes, playing by ear, counting, first pieces, chords, scales, improvisation, technique)


advanced playing: comping, reading lead sheets (standards/songs), harmonization, chords, voicings, improvisation, playing in different styles (rock/pop/jazz/blues/classical)


keyboard instruments: hammond organ, fender rhodes, wurlitzer, synthesizers (analog/digital), digital pianos etc.


music theory: harmony, melody, rhythm, ear training (jazz/pop)


composing & arranging 


sound design: types of synthesis, creating basic synth sounds (pads, synth lead, bass synth, fx etc.) 


producing basics (logic Pro)


keyboard/piano arrangements
examples (preview first page):

click here for all piano/keyboard arrangements
(sheet music direct)

lead sheets

examples (preview first page):

click here for all lead sheets (sheet music direct)

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