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Dimitri Monstein Ensemble - album release show 21.1.2024 and new dates for 2024    

We will play a release show on 21.1.2024 @Moods Zh for the album "The Cello Session" (2022).  I wrote and co-wrote 2 compositions on the album. Also, new dates coming for 2024. 

Dimitri Mondsein-110_edited.jpg

Dada Ante Portas - tour and new album 2023

I'm currently working with Dada Ante Portas on 2 new songs of the best of album (release date: 22.4.2023) and will play keys on the upcoming tour! For more info check the link below. 

Roxxxet - tour 2023

Paying tribute to one of the greatest bands in history. I will play key in this fantastic band on the tour 2023/24. Check the link below for more info. 

Dimitri Monstein Ensemble - new album 2022 and tour 2023

New album out now! Also- check the webpage for upcoming dates in 2023! 

Piro Tones - tour 2022/23

I will play keys on the upcoming tour of the new project by Pee (Dada Ante Portas) and Roger Fivian. 

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